Association Law

The freedom of organisation right comprises many different types of organisation. These include sports organisations, housing organisations, cooperative organisations, environmental organisations, free-church communities etc. Organisations all have in common that they are people or companies that strive for a common purpose. Ideal organisations and economic organisations are the most common types. But there are also other types of organisation that are based on distinguished law, e.g. collective societies, which is an organisation of real estate that operates in a union that manages a joint facility.

Glimstedt’s attorneys and lawyers handle all possible types of organisation-related issues. We offer assistance in the purchase or sale of a property for conversion to housing law, assistance in the formation, merging or settlement of a union, establishment or amendment of statutes – to name a few examples. Glimstedt has extensive experience in court proceedings in the area of ​​organisation law, as well as management of organisations in crisis. Within the law of organisation we can assist with our unique skills in all issues that may arise.

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