Public Procurement

Public procurement is an area surrounded by a regulatory framework that can be difficult to penetrate while encompassing many complex issues. Relevant legislation includes The Public Procurement Act  (‘LOU’), The Act on Procurement in the Utilities Sectors (‘LUF’ ), The Act on Systems of Choice (‘LOV’) , The Act on Public Procurement of Concessions (‘LUK’ ) and The Defense and Security Procurement Act (‘LUFS’). In Sweden, public procurement represents an estimated annual volume of approx. SEK 700bn.

A number of lawyers at Glimstedt are experts in the field of public procurement. We assist both suppliers and public sector representatives (local councils, county councils and government) throughout the entire procurement process. Having worked closely with local councils and municipal companies, our lawyers have developed a profound understanding of administrative practice at council level. Similarly, they have gained deep insight into the supplier’s situation and are thus able to identify the risks and opportunities that are linked to the public procurement process.

Our comprehensive expertise allows us to quickly identify the public procurement issues at hand and address them head-on. We handle, among other things, the following matters:

– Providing strategic advice prior to a public procurement procedure

– Assistance in producing and reviewing public procurement documents

– Examination of a tender prior to its submission (in respect of specific matters or as general support)

– Assistance in the evaluation of tenders

– Advising in matters pertaining to confidentiality

– Advising and assisting in matters concerning administrative reviews and action for damages

– Ongoing matters related to contract management and monitoring

Glimstedt lawyers are also sought-after as seminar and training facilitators, working with both private enterprises and local councils and municipal companies. Such seminars and training sessions are tailored to the target group’s requirements and level of knowledge. They are generally considered a good and cost-effective tool for increasing the knowledge level of a particular organisation on the basis of its needs.

Frequently the regulatory framework pertaining to public procurement cannot be applied in isolation, which is why our experts in the field work closely with other Glimstedt team members who specialise in e.g. public construction contracts. This is a particularly fruitful approach when it comes to reviewing procurement documents, administrative reviews or in cases requiring interpretation of a contract during its term.