Regulatory Compliance

Certain business operations require licensing by a financial authority. The licence application procedure can be drawn-out and requires the company to have a stable organisation and the ability to produce thorough documentation of the specific business operations for which authorisation is needed. Such operations include the granting of loans to customers, banking services and other services that involve your company receiving, transmitting or investing other people’s money. In recent years, financial markets legislation has been extended to include ever larger numbers of operators, e.g. through the PSD2 regulatory framework. It can often be difficult for a company to determine whether its particular business requires authorisation, especially where operations are based on new technology, which is often the case where FinTech services are concerned. The holding of a financial licence also requires the company to actively maintain Risk Management and Compliance procedures.

At Glimstedt Law Firm we assist small companies and start-ups as well as established bigger enterprises with their licence applications and interactions with public authorities. We support our clients in matters of internal governance and control mechanisms and facilitate the preparation of necessary written policies and procedures, thus ensuring that your company complies with the current regulatory requirements.

Contact us for assistance in all matters regarding:

  • Establishing whether authorisation is required for a particular business operation
  • Licence applications
  • Drawing up necessary written policies
  • Company management and ownership assessments
  • Compliance
  • Assistance in supervisory affairs
  • Support in compiling reports to supervisory authorities
  • Outsourcing
  • Training your staff