Our Story

Glimstedt is one of Sweden’s oldest law firms, founded in 1935 by Ivar Glimstedt who had worked in Gothenburg since 1923.

Expert, dedicated lawyer

Ivar Glimstedt graduated from Stockholm University, and then carried on as a Law Clerk at the Gothenburg Courthouse. He was also a member of the central board of the Swedish Bar Association and chairman of the Bar Association’s division for Western Sweden as well as chairman of The Gothenburg Law Society.

Ivar worked principally as a defense lawyer and it was as such he also became well known outside Gothenburg. He often figured in the press because of his balanced judgment, excellent knowledge and explicit language. Ivar was an expert in his field and dedicated to his profession. With his absolute loyalty to his clients, with his compassion and his humility, he personified the role of reliable lawyer. Justice was not in relation to values but was something for everyone regardless of background and origin. Ivar also had the ability to focus on the significant and scale away what was not essential. He contributed greatly to making the defense role what it is today.

An expanding company

From the second half of the 1990s, Glimstedt has expanded by merging with other well known Swedish law firms. Glimstedt now has 14 offices in Sweden. From 1997 onwards we have also established offices in the Baltic States.

Important milestones

  • 1935 Ivar Glimstedt registers the firm.
  • 1997 Several leading, regional law firms merges under the name Glimstedt. They are:
    • Levanders Advokatbyrå, established 1938, merged with Gawell and became Levander Gawell Advokatbyrå in 1993. Together with Signum they become Glimstedt’s Stockholm and Falun offices.
    • Jernek Advokatbyrå, established 1961, Örebro.
    • Helsingborg office, established recently.
    • Advokatbolaget Kalmar Juridiska Byrå, established 1931, Kalmar
    • Advokaterna i Jönköping AB, established 1991.
    • Bernotas & Dominas Glimstedt, established recently, Vilnius
  • 1998 Axel Hemmars Advokatbyrå, established 1935, becomes Glimstedt Norrköping.
  • 2001 Glimsted office in Riga is established
  • 2004 Glimstedt office in Tallinn is established
  • 2008 Glimstedt office in Malmö is established.
  • 2010 Hamilton Advokatbyrå becomes Glimstedt Växjö.


Ivar Glimstedt, 1894-1966