Public sector

Legal advice to the Public Sector has always required specialised skills. In recent years the conditions of the Public Sector and private business have converged in many areas e.g. through unbundling of business processes, hiring of contractors and through deregulation. Therefore the legal rules and regulations in “borderline” areas between the public sector and private business have become increasingly complex.

Glimstedt offers solid experience in legal counselling to the public sector. Our specialists within the public sector area are experts in both commercial and public law. Through their experience in interacting with public organisations they have a genuine understanding of politically controlled business activities. We count among our clients the State, regions, municipalities and publicly owned companies as well as contractors engaged within the public sector.

Glimstedt offers legal services also to companies and other organisations, which interact with the public sector e.g. in connection with the negotiation of business contracts, applications for permissions, contractual offers or bid challenges within public procurement or appeal proceedings in connection with exercise of official authority.