Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė är ny MP på Glimstedt i Litauen [ENG]

As of the 1st of February, Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė is to take over as the Managing Partner of Glimstedt Lithuania, replacing Dr Solveiga Vilčinskaitė, who has held that position for four years.

”I am grateful for the confidence and recognition shown by the Firm and its Partners, and I feel a great responsibility towards Glimstedt’s people, who are targeted at ambitious goals and results. Glimstedt’s distinctive feature is its democratic internal policies, therefore, a rotation among its Manging Partners is a tool for ensuring top quality legal services and continuous development of the Firm,” says Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė, who is about to take up her new role.

”Being part of Glimstedt’s success, Laura has notably contributed to the Firm’s values. Her leadership and legal expertise make her a perfect fit to take up the position of Managing Partner. For my part, I would like to thank you all for giving me a chance to hold that position and to feel your support during my tenure as Managing Partner. I have no doubt that Laura will make her contribution for maintaining the utmost quality of our legal services and the international recognition we have already earned,” says Dr Solveiga Vilčinskaitė, who is about to hand over her positions as Managing Partner.

When talking about her new role, Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė stresses that her main aim is to consolidate the team and to mobilize it towards common goals. ”Two years ago, my colleagues and I clarified our vision and biggest priorities for the Firm, one of which is to make it possible for all team members to realize their knowledge and skills, and to motivate them towards best results. Our Firm’s strength lies in its highly qualified professionals, who are experts in their own fields, and whose teamwork is the foundation for building the success. Therefore, I will definitely focus on mobilizing our people and on fostering a strong organisational culture. I believe that together, we will be able to achieve our goals and to continue on the path of success,” says the new Managing Partner.

Four years ago, after more than ten years of independent practice, Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė and her team joined Glimstedt to fortify its litigation practise group. A year ago, she became the Firm’s Parter. Dr Laura Augytė-Kamarauskienė has valuable legislative and academic experience; she has also taken part in various international projects and has served as an independent board member. Her experience and expertise extend to such areas as litigation and arbitration, international civil and family law and inheritance matters, recognition and enforcement of foreign judicial and arbitral awards, insurance law, D&O liability insurance, family estate management and personal welfare legal services, all of which will remain in her focus.

Glimstedt Law Firm has its offices situated on both sides of the Baltic Sea and has an international team of 250 qualified lawyers in Lithuania, Sweden, Latvia, and Estonia.